Facial imperfections are something that receives rare acceptance by any. Most people look for the surgical treatments carrying effective dosage to treat the static facial lines, nasolabial folds and other form of imperfections caused on the face. Not only women, even men are quite concerned about their facial looks and keep on looking for the remedial solutions to treat the depression caused on the face. With Artecoll in Delhi, one can easily fills in the irregularities of the skin and raises it to its normal height for a perfect expression. Along with the correction made to facial lines and lip enlargement, it also helps in correcting the acne cars and nose abnormalities.

Procedure:Artecoll is basically a lasting injectable implant that helps in curing the deformities faced by the facial expressions. It includes treatment provided to facial lines, nose, lips and other skin defects. The Artecoll surgeon in Delhi begins the treatment with distributing a series of small injections directly at the skin surface, to its sub-dermal level. The count of injections depends upon the size and depth of the defect faced by the skin.

Once the injections are administered at the affected site, the surgeon spreads and molds the microspheres with the help of a fine and fibrous capsule to ensure an even sub-dermal distribution. The final result of the recovered area expected to be visible by 3 months after the surgery.

Duration & Longevity:Artecoll takes around 20 minutes to get perfectly applied, depending upon the required injections counts. However, the treatment may counter second or third visit, only when prior visit does not impart optimal result. As far as longevity is concerned, the procedure last for about 10 years or more, depending upon patient’s mode of improvement.

Post-surgical recovery:Minor swelling, redness and itching can occur but that lasts for 1 or 2 days. On account of recovery, Artecoll remains in the patient’s body forever.

The Artecoll surgery in Delhi entails into giving a permanent sort of relief from the facial imbalances that leads to grounded confidence in one’s personality.

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