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When the weight is increased, it causes the skin to stretch to accommodate the excess fat which causes loss of elasticity. When any weight loss program or surgical procedure is applied on the body to remove the excess weight, it results in making the skin loose after the fat loss, that given a deformed appearance to the body. To cure the distracted appearance of the body and to enjoy the complete results of weight loss program or surgery, body contouring in Delhi works in the best possible way. It is the surgical treatment that is applied to re-correct the sagged or loose skin caused due to excessive weight loss especially in the most affected areas like; arms, thighs, buttocks and tummy area.

Procedure:The best body contouring surgery in Delhi helps in removing the excess skin from the affected area and redraping the remaining over the body and making it perfectly wrapped over the treated area. The surgical treatment goes well with the tummy tuck surgery in most cases. The treatment also known as abdominoplasty is followed to remove the excess skin from legs, arms and breast area. If found some remaining fat pockets, they can easily be removed with the help of liposuction technique.

Duration & Longevity:The duration of the surgery depends upon the amount of the skin to be removed from the body. Generally, it takes around 2-5 hours to remove a balanced amount of skin. The result of the cosmetic treatment is permanent, but it become little sensitive to diet and exercise. Thus, consultation with the surgeon related to particular diet and exercise is very much necessary.

Post-surgical recovery:After the procedure, minor bruising and swelling may occur, that can fade away within few days. However, body contouring surgeon in Delhi recommends return to normal activities after 6 weeks.

Body contouring treatment is most effective to make the patients feel gratified on account of the weight loss program.

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