Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

 Breast Augmentation

It’s a dream of every woman to look beautiful in every dress, she wears. Especially those who have small and asymmetrical breast want to have larger and shapely breasts to make them feel completed and confident enough to try well-fitted clothes. For them, breast augmentation in Delhi appears to be a boon that lets tem avail of shapely and youthful breast. It is the advanced cosmetic treatment designed to meet the growing demand of women looking for reshaping their breasts thereby enhancing their body image and self esteem.

Procedure: The treatment of breast augmentation is done either through breast implant or fat grafting method. Breast Augmentation in Gurugram is performed by making and incision either under the breast, in the armpit or near the dark side of the nipples (aerola). The insertion of implant is created under the breast tissue or under the muscle behind the breast.

Under the fat grafting method, fat is taken from the patient’s tummy or thighs by liposuction method and transferred to the breast. Compared to breast implant, it is the most natural and latest way to enhance and reshape the breasts. Fat grafting is sued with Silicon implants to add volume and space to the breasts. It is considered as the most useful procedure to correct the misbalance in the size of both the breasts. The implant size depends mainly upon the amount of breast tissue and skin and the ratio of sagging and dropping of the breasts.

Duration & Longevity: the complete treatment takes around 1 hour or even more, depending upon the size of implant to be done. Similarly, the results are variable as implants ask for eventual removal or replacement.

Post surgical effects: Post surgical effects of breast augmentation leads to little pain, infection, minimal sensational feel in the breast or nipples and visible scars. The effects can easily be terminated with easy medication. After the surgery, vigorous activities are restricted for 2-3 weeks. However, most women can go back to work in one week. The breast augmentation surgeon in Delhi asks for wearing supportive bra for some time. In case of any concern, consultation with the surgeon is advised.

Breast Augmentation

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