Acne Marks Removal

Acne Removal

Acne Mark Removal | Acne Pimple Removal

Acne is the most serious problem faced by today’s youth. Once it attacks the skin, it leaves behind an imperfection on the skin that poses an emotional imprint on our life. Most of us often picked acne that leaves behind the scars which are hard to get treated. Due to the pricking done on the skin, the skin’s inner layer got damaged and leaves depressions on the skin which asks for professional treatment to get healed. With acne mark removal surgery in Delhi, you can get rid of the scars altogether or experience the lessening of the acne marks to a great extent.


The acne pimple removal in Delhi is performed under the supervision of experience surgeon who undertakes different surgical procedures to cure the appearance of the marks. It can be flap surgery, dermabrasion or laser skin resurfacing, depending upon the severity of the scar along with the skin type and it’s response towards the treatment. Though acne marks are considered permanent but there are techniques that can wipe off the visibility feature of the scars to a maximum extent. A special incision method is used to reposition the scar tissues or a laser technique is used to treat the affected area. The particular method is adopted after the complete examination held by the surgeon on the skin and the acne marks.

Duration & Longevity:

A minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 3 hours are occupied while applying the necessary acne mark removal treatment on the affected area. The treatment is lasting but to see the result, patience is necessary as results will be visible after a period of around 1 year. In some cases, few treatments ask for frequent revision for better results.

Post-surgical recovery:

Post surgery, few discomforts may occur like swelling, bruising, etc, but they are temporary in nature. Patient can return back to normal activities after one week but strenuous activities must be avoided for at least 2-3 weeks.

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