Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting In Delhi

Fat Grafting In Delhi

Fat Grafting technique in Delhi is known for re-implanting a person’s own fat into another part of his body which needs it the most. The removal and re-implantation of the fat is done to improve the contour or enhance the features of the part, which lacks behind in it. Most infected area that asks for fat grafting treatment is the face which loses its smoothness with the passage of time and suffers from wrinkles or loose skin. This cosmetic procedure is used to enhance the look of the face by rejuvenating the cheeks and lips and by improving the creased and sunken areas and add fullness to them.

Procedure:The surgical treatment of fat grafting leads to fulfillment of those parts of the skin that lacks behind with proper skin fillers. During the treatment, the surgeon prepares the donor area from the patient’s body either from his thighs, buttocks or abdomen and withdraws the skin by using a syringe accompanied with a large needle or cannula. The removed skin is them settled down in the affected area that required pumping. The treatment of removing and settling down the fat is repeated till the desired correction is achieved. Also, for better results, the treatment is followed with other surgical procedures.

Duration & Longevity:the complete duration of the fat grafting surgical treatment moves around 2-4 hours. From the surgery, lasting result is expected that can cover maximum years.

Post-surgical recovery:After the procedure, patient may suffer little swelling, discomfort or bruising on the treated area but these are temporary in nature. After few days, they will get wiped off easily. Recovery time is quite less with the treatment. It means, patient can expect to get back to normal routine after few days.

Fat grafting treatment is pointed as the best surgical procedure that comes with almost no side effects, causing no trouble to the patient.

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