Juvederm Treatment

Juvederm Treatment

Juvederm Treatment In Delhi

By the age and maximum attendance in the sun makes our skin lose its volume and start displaying wrinkles and folds, especially on the high visible areas of the face like around the mouth, nose and on the forehead. The Juvederm treatment is followed with a smooth injectable gel that helps in restoring the skin’s volume and also aids in smoothen away the wrinkles and folds shown on several areas of the face. The treatment focuses on hyaluronic acid, an important component of skin other than collagen, that matters the most for smooth and wrinkle free texture of the skin.

Procedure:the Juvedern injectable is dermal filler that holds smooth gel that carries cross linked hyaluronic acid required by the skin. The treatment is followed in two formulations, namely; Juvedern Ultra and Juverderm Ultra plus. The first one is best for areas where volume enhancement is the main concern, while the later one is best to correct the wrinkles and folds along with the volume. After the examination of the affected areas, the injectables are injected at the mid to the deep dermis and gel is released for better results.

Duration & longevity:Minimum of 15 minutes is covered by the treatment, depending upon the number of injections needed to cure the ailment. The results are maintained to the maximum of 6-9 months, after which casual touch ups are required.

Post-surgical recovery:some redness, swelling, bruising can be observed, but it fades away with the time. Chances of some sort of infection are there as the hyaluronic acid contains little allergic properties, but that carries low possibility to attack the patient.

Juverdern treatment in Delhi is gaining popularity due to its non-invasive surgical procedure that results in removing the wrinkles and folds without affecting regular routine of the patient. The procedure is quite effective in restoring the lost volume of the skin.

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