Body Weight Loss Surgery

Body Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery, Body Weight Reduction

Obesity is the most common problem of today’s hectic world, wherein people find it hard to maintain their eating habits and results in gaining more and more day-by-day. Obesity tends to run in families owing to similar sort of lifestyle and eating habits. The problem of obesity leads to a chronic condition that turns into serious life problem causing the body to get clutched in several types of health disorders. To treat the severe condition of obesity, body weight loss surgery in Delhi appears as the perfect solution as it helps in shedding off the excess weight from the body making it perfectly fit. The surgical treatment will lead the patient to become aware of the right food habits too through which he can maintain a healthy lifestyle for long.

Procedure: The body weight-loss surgery in Delhi enables a person to shed off the extra weight from the body making it safe from drastic health disorders. The surgery took place following several weight loss treatments under which extra fat is removed from the body. Most common treatment applied to reduce the extra weight is gastric by-pass wherein stomach banding is applied with the help of an elastic band around the stomach. The band is mated with the stapling that creates a small food pouch in the stomach posing restrictions on extra food intake.

Duration & Longevity: The complete surgical treatment applied for weight loss counts to 6-8 hours. However, the exact time depends upon the patient’s condition regarding obesity and need of the operative hours. The result of the procedure is long lasting, depending upon diet and exercise schedule followed.

Post-surgical recovery: The best body weight-loss surgeon in Delhi recommends a strict diet and exercise plan to be followed for better results after the surgery. This is done to maintain the result for long without any side-effects. Also, a patient can return back to normal activities after few weeks, depending upon the treatment followed.

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