Ear Surgery

Ear Surgery

Repairing of Large Ear Hole

Ears are not only meant for hearing, they also pose an important role in enthralling our looks by those, who analyze us by our ear shape. Most people face embarrassment due to the deformed shape of their ears. They try to cover the deformities with the hairs or hats which sound a little impractical in real sense. For such instances, cosmetic treatment of ears proves to be the best solution. The ear surgery also known as ‘Otoplasty’ entails into reshaping the deformed or bats ears and restoring the ears to the right proportion suiting to the face looks.

Procedure:the plastic surgery of ears can help in improving the shape of the ears, in case they are large in proportion or deforming more than normal position. The treatment goes off with the incision made on the back of ear to interpret cartilage. The incision then sculpts the cartilage in the needed proportion. Most times, the extra cartilage is removed to bring out the natural look and balance in the ears. Another choice with the treatment lies with creating the incision and removing the skin to fold the cartilage. This is done to avoid the removal of cartilage to bring back the desired variation in the ear shape.

Duration & Longevity:the ear surgery treatment in Delhi carried forward towards a permanent result after the surgery that takes around 2-3 hours to get finished.

Post-surgical recovery:the ear surgery can be done at any age, but the best time for better results is expected during childhood around the age of 5 or 6. Minor aching, swelling is normal to affect the patient after the treatment. For better results, patients are advised to avoid sleeping on the ear sides just after the surgery. Strenuous activities and contact sports are avoided for 1-2 months.

Ear surgery treatment is the best solution to get the deformed ears corrected in perfect suited shape and size.

Ear Surgery

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