Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair loss is the most common problem of the era faced by both men and women. However, reasons behind the hair loss are different with both. In men, the condition leading the loss is termed as Alopecia or Pattern hair loss. This affects the front and top ‘U’ shape of the scalp. This may be due to hormonal changes. Other than men, the condition leading to hair loss in women are not concerned about hormones. Rather, aging is the factor that leads to loss and that too affect the thinning of the hair other than the frontal hair line. To treat the common problem of hair loss, Hair transplant is the most effective solution that helps in growing natural looking hairs in combination with the maintenance of bald resistance property.

Procedure: hair transplant surgery in Delhi involves a procedure under which hair follicles are transferred from the donor area on the back and the side to the affected area. The hair roots of the permanent hairs are used and grafted on the area where the loss has occurred. This procedure is also termed as FUE.

FUE is a minimal invasive hair transplantation technique that asks for grafting of individual hair follicular units from the donor area over the affected area. Under the method, a power tool is used to remove and place the hairs with no linear scar or stitches required. The result of the treatment is quickly noticeable after few days of treatment.

Post-surgical effects: after the surgery, patient need to wear surgical dressing over the head for a day or two followed with little medication and antibiotics. Return back to normal routine can be expected within two-five days after surgery. Also, the transplanted hairs fall out after three-four weeks of surgery, after which patient can observe new growth of hairs on the treated area. Improvement in density of hairs can be expected with additional procedures.

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