Thread Face Lift Surgery

Best Thread Face Lift Surgery

Best Thread Face Lift Surgery

A thread face lift surgery in Gurugram is a minimal invasive cosmetic procedure that undertakes the help of surgical threads and uplifts the sagging skin on the face and the neck. It is the most-secured and effective method to attain delicate and natural looking results with no or minimal scars on the treated area. Sometimes, the technique of thread lift is combined with other non-invasive procedures like laser treatments and peels in order to improve the contour of the face and to improve skin textures.

Procedure:the treatment begins with the insertion of a hollow and thick needle that will introduce thread into the facial skin targeting its underlying fat layer. Once the needle touches the deeper and stronger internal structures of the face, one thread is knotted then and there and other end of the thread moves around the skin. When the needle is withdrawn, the hooks on the stitches locate themselves in the limp position on the face. The incisions made by the needle are tiny and leaves the slack skin to the most youthful point. The thread positioned inside the skin helps in developing new collagen that will uplift the new skin in the years to come.

Treatment duration and longevity:this non-invasive procedure takes around 30 minutes to get completed and starts showing development as soon as the new collagen starts taking up the new skin. As the years passes by, the skin shows the actual stages of development.

Post-surgical recovery:after the surgery, the patient is advised to make minimum laugh and talk as the threads are prone to get dislocated and appear out of the skin of the face. Patient is also advised not to open the mouth too wide to avoid any issue. Normal routine can be attained after three days.

Thread lift surgery in Delhi is a well planned fat filling and rejuvenation method for skin that results lasts for long.

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