Cheek Implant

Cheek Implant Surgery

Cheek Implant Surgery

A face structure is said to be perfect when the cheeks appears to be well-shaped and outlined. It is assumed that well-shaped cheeks form a well-adjusted triangle with the chin signifying perfect roundness and definition. Being a three dimensional enlargement, it becomes tough to redefine the normal cheek unless and until a cosmetic procedure concerning the rejuvenation of cheeks is implied. With the cheek implant surgery, the cheeks on an individual’s face can accentuate. The cosmetic procedure will help in creating a solid implant over the cheekbones making them perfectly suited with the other facial features.

Procedure:the treatment of cheek implant helps in enhancing the overall appearance of the face by implanting the sagging skin thereby rejuvenating the shallow cheek bones. When the implant is done in combination with other surgical procedures like facelift or eyelid surgery, it is done through the same incisions. When it is done alone, the incision is made either at the top of upper lip or near the gums and even on the outer cheek. The process follows through a pocket creation in which implant is inserted.

Duration & longevity:the treatment is covered within the time limit of 35-40 minutes. The treatment is permanent but the material used in the implant clearly signifies whether ir requires any sort of revision or not.

Post-surgical recovery:swelling, bruising, numbness and tightness of skin can be experienced but that is temporary in nature. The recovery procedure depends upon the type of surgery performed on the patient’s face. However, return to normal routine can be expected within 1-2 weeks.

Cheek Implant in Delhi is the art of creating more conscious cheeks from the week and saggy cheeks and adding a new look to your face making your overall persona more attractive than before. The process leads to an attractive facial look by implanting the cheek volume.

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