Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation In Delhi

Lip Augmentation In Delhi

The lip augmentation is a type of cosmetic procedure that helps in gaining fuller and plumper lips. This treatment is suited best to improve the appearance of the lips either by reducing the thick or fat lips or by increasing the size and shape of the thinned lips. The procedure is followed in order to bring the lips in correct dimensional relation with the other facial structures like nose and teeth.

Procedure:the procedure of lip augmentation begins with the usage of a prefilled device that is injected in the defined layers of the lips to achieve the desired enhancement. The reduction of thick and fat lips is done by removing the strip of red part of the lip along with the underlying tissue. Similarly, the process of making the lips fuller is done following different procedures like; fat injection and derfamat placement. The surgery is done with local anesthesia and can be combined with facial implants, chemical peels and facial resurfacing treatment to provide the face a whole new appearance by reducing the fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth too.

Duration & longevity:the complete surgical procedure of lip augmentation took around 30 minutes to 2 hours. The result is permanent depending upon the types of fillers used.

Post-surgical recovery:immediate recovery is assured with mild swelling and bruising that can be settled within a day or two. Precautionary advices consist of soft meals and minimal talking for couple of days. Patient can make a comeback to normal activity within 5-6 days.

Lip augmentation in Delhi appears to be the best cosmetic treatment to achieve fuller and pouting lips without any appearance of fine line around the lip corners. It is the best way to enhance your face look by improving the fullness of lips compatible to other facial structures.

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