Butt Implants

Butt Implants

Butt Implant In Delhi

Modern men and women are quite concentric about their overall physique and look for betterment in every part from top to toe. In this regard, butt improvement also holds an important part as many of us faced issues of owing flat or small butt that causes deformity in our overall body appearance. Among several cosmetic treatments approved for treating various deformities faced by our body, butt implant is the sure shot solution to improve the shape and appearance of the small and flat butts. The butt implant in Delhi is the proven solution to contour the appearance of the butts in a positive and improved version.

Procedure:The Butt Implant surgery in Delhi is intended to give more curves to the butts or to make it perfectly balanced with other body parts. The surgery goes well with the incision made on the position where the cheeks meet the back of the thigh or in the crease between both the cheeks. After the incision, a pocket is created to fit the butt implant or to fix the gluteus maximum muscle. Sometimes, liposuction is also performed in collaboration with the butt augmentation to get the desired result.

The butt implants poses a soft and natural feeling similar to well-toned muscles due to its texture created from solid or semi-solid silicone.

Duration & Longevity:The complete surgical treatment to contour the shape of the butts takes around 2 hours. The results from the treatment are permanent. However, when the implant is done using patient’s own fat, it needs to be repeated periodically for better results.

Post-surgical recovery:On account of recovery, patient can return back to work within 5-7 days. However, normal activities can be achieved within 1 week but strenuous activities take time of around 1 month. After the surgery, patients may feel little pain, soreness, numbness that can wipe off after few days.

The butt implant surgeon in Delhi recommends this surgical treatment to gain a fuller shape to butts.

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