Buttocks Augmentation

Buttocks Augmentation

Buttocks Augmentation In Delhi

It’s the desire of every woman to have round and firm buttocks that can deliver a contour shape to her body. But, most of the time, women feel depressed due to the deformities in her buttocks. In order to improve the shape and size and appearance of the buttocks, a surgical procedure has been developed with the name buttocks augmentation. With buttocks augmentation in Delhi, the size of the buttocks can be enhanced and even the deformities can be wiped off completely. Those who lack fat in their buttocks or those who lack behind in developing proportionate gluteal muscles find the need of this form of surgical treatment.

Procedure:As stated above, buttocks can be improved in size, shape and appearance with the help of a surgical treatment called augmentation. The buttocks augmentation surgery in Delhi aids in narrowing and shaping the buttocks with liposuction. Also, those who have sagged or flat buttocks can enhanced their size with buttocks implant or fat grafting method.

The treatment begins with placing the patient to lie on her stomach and making incision in the possible positions like; where the buttock meet the upper leg or in the crease near the anus. After the incision, a pocket is created wherein the implant or fat grafting system is followed to fill the fat tissue.

Duration & Longevity:Undoubtedly, the treatment results in a permanent placement of the augmentation done. Counting on the duration of the procedure, it takes minimum 2 hours and maximum 3 hours to reach finish line.

Post-surgical recovery:The buttocks augmentation surgeon in Delhi asked the patient to avoid sitting on the buttocks for few days as the patient might feel great pain during recovery period. Alongside, patient may feel little bruising and discomfort also, which takes few days to fade away. Return to normal routine takes around 2-3 weeks.

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