Welcome to our websiteThis Clinic was established in the year 1991 by Dr. R Suman (Cosmetologist) and Dr. S.B. Singh (Aesthetic & Cosmetic Surgeon) in New Delhi. Dr. S.B. Singh previously served Govt. of India (Health & Arms Forces Dept.) after which he took training in cosmetic surgery from UK and France and is now full time attached with his clinic and performed successful cosmetic surgeries which have been quite appreciated and awarded.Till date this clinic's reputation is the best in the country and is providing best Cosmetic surgeries and Skin treatments. We have done numerous operations successfully. We use the latest technologies in surgery.Beauty Tips:Experimenting is one of the best ways to find what products and colors are best for you. When you find a color that you think looks great on you ask a close friend what for her opinion.Although this beauty make up tip can result in her telling you to try something else, you’ll know what works and what doesn’t before you venture out in public. But sometimes it's hard not to take offense when a friend gives an opinion that differs from yours.Ayurveda PanchakarmaAyurvedic clinic in Delhi IndiaThe term 'Ayurveda' means 'science of life'. This science has been practised in India for more than five thousand years. The term 'Marma' meaning 'vital point' , can be traced back to early vedic but more specially to samhitas or 'Collections' ascribed to Charaka, Susruta and others. The Marma therapy is an important aspect of Ayurveda.

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