Birthmark Removal

Birthmark Removal

Birthmark removal in Delhi

Birthmarks are the skin splotches that appear on the skin carrying variety of shape, size and color. Most birthmarks are observed on the face or other body parts at birth time or shortly afterward. These are removed from the body both for cosmetic reason and for health risk too. The birthmarks appeared on the face or eye can create eye problem and brain problem to the patient. Its removal can be done using the birthmark removal surgery in Delhi. It is the surgical treatment applied to clear off the birthmarks from the body.

Procedure:Birthmarks are divided into two categories: portwine birthmarks and coffee and cream birthmarks. The birthmark removal surgeon in Delhi takes into account several elements before commencing the procedure to remove the marks from the body. The surgical treatment depends upon the type of birthmark along with the severity of the condition and location it acquires on the body part. Also, the symptoms like pain or discomfort caused by the birthmark on the body is considered before applying the related surgery. Among many, laser treatments are quite common in treating the affected area. It helps in lightening the specific area by making the patient’s skin tone even that result in lightening the effects of the birthmark.

If the patient is suffering from coffee and cream birthmark, it is treated by using laser procedure. However, multiple treatments are utilized to treat the portwine birthmarks.

Duration & Longevity:The size of the birthmark decides the duration taken by the procedure. In total, it takes around 15 minutes to few hours. It gives lasting result. The frequency of the treatment depends upon the appearance of the birthmark. If it’s darker, it requires more visits and vice versa.

Post-surgical recovery:Minor bruising, bleeding is on the cards, but that lasts for few minutes only. Recovery time associated with the best birthmark removal surgery in Delhi is very less, depending upon the birthmark position and treatment applied for its removal.

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