Face Lift Surgery

Face Lift Surgery

Best Face Lift Surgery

Children and youngsters have smooth and good textured skin that displays well defined face contours showing even distribution of fat and muscles. As we grow up in age, the disturbance in the face contours is quite common followed with a most visible signs of aging. With the passage of time, our skin makes us look older than our age by showing wrinkle and sag signs due to the effect of sun exposure and genetic disorder. A Face Lift Surgery in Gurugram helps in gaining a firmer and fresher skin thereby reducing the sagging skin from the face and neck. The facelift surgery in Delhi helps in rejuvenating the shabby look of the face by tightening the skin and muscles of the face and neck.

Procedure:The facelift surgery delivers a pleasant and younger look by correcting the wrinkles and chin folds. The surgery is performed through a minor operation done on one side at a time. The incisions are placed either in the hairline or behind the ears. The incisions are designed to remove the fatty deposits from the sagging skin as and when possible. The slack formed in the skin is then redraped and excess is removed easily.

Many times, patients who don’t have excess skin to get removed many undergo endoscopic facelift. Under this procedure, the smoothening of the skin and tightening of the muscles is performed through small incisions are made in the lower eyelid and behind the ears that can easily be concealed.

Duration & Longevity:The procedure generally takes 2-4 hours to get completed. The expected results are long lasting, depending upon the treatment followed.

Post-surgical recovery:The post surgical effects of the surgery recalls for temporary skin discoloration followed with some numbness in the face. The healing process can take time of few months. After the surgery, the skin becomes more sensitive so some precautionary measures like protection from sun, etc is necessary to get followed.

Non-Surgical Face Thread-Lift Procedure

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