PRP Treatment

PRP Treatment

PRP Hair Treatment and PRP Face Treatment

Platelets are one of the types of cells found in the body that are rich in growth and plays an important role in stopping the bleeding occurred during an injury. They work by forming a clot at the injured area that stops the bleeding. Both platelets and plasma are the components of the blood wherein plasma is the liquid part of the blood. With the age, the skin starts losing the fat from the subcutaneous tissue lying below the skin. Alongside, the skin also faces dullness and tiredness due to the damage made by sun and pollution. For rejuvenation process, PRP therapy is being given that takes the healing power of platelets and plasma and helps in restoring the skin’s texture, tone and natural glow.

Procedure: The PRP treatment is quite simple followed with local anesthetic cream that is applied on the area to be treated and kept for 1 hour so that the skin becomes numb. Around 10-20 mls of blood is withdrawn from one of the veins of the hand after which centrifugation of platelets and plasma from the red blood and other cells can be done. Once the skin is ready, the fluid containing the platelets and plasma is injected in the skin by using a needle. The platelets released inside the skin begin the healing process and start stimulating the collagen formation inside it. The collagen starts supporting the skin by improving the fine lines and wrinkles. The therapy results in healing the blood circulation inside the skin that helps in enhancing the tone and texture of the skin making it more youthful and glowing.

Duration & Longevity: Permanent sort of treatment and it takes around 1-2 hours to get completed.

Post-surgical recovery: Post surgery, normal bruising can be expected but it get settled soon. For better results, it’s better to protect the skin from sun rays. Application of sun block is suggested.

PRP Treatment

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